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Split Table Error: Please report this bug

Thanks for your quick responses. I’ve written some code that generates a rather large nested table structure and I get a “Split Table Error” when calling the Pdf.Save() method.

What does this error mean and how could one cause it to happen?


Dear cohenn,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Can you please send an example that can reproduce the error to me and let me test it?

I unintentionally resolved the problem, though I will send you the code if it happens again.

Sometimes I get a NULL reference exception from Pdf.Save( ) when I set the Pdf.Table.IsFirstRowRepeated property equal to True. This will only happen if I create a nested table. I can post the rest of the code if you like, but here’s the function that creates a table:

Private Function fnAddTable(ByRef pdfSection As Section, ByRef pdfCell As Cell) As Table
Dim pdfTable As Table

’ Determine if we’re creating a nested table
If (pdfCell Is Nothing) Then ’ This is the top-level table
pdfTable = New Table()
pdfTable.IsFirstRowRepeated = True ’ This line causes the NULL reference exception
pdfTable = New Table(pdfCell)
End If
Return pdfTable ’ Return this table so we can add rows to it later
End Function

This function is accepting either a Section or a Cell object and determines whether it’s creating a new table or a table within a table.