Splitting a PST into multiple PST files


I’m exploring an option to create PST files for data with sizes > 50GB. Max file size supported for PST file by Microsoft is 50GB. Hence I’m exploring ways for creating multiple PST files to store the mailbox data.

Is there any support for stopping writes to a PST file and create a new PST file, get the same hierarchy in the second file and start writing the sub folders and emails inside the new PST file in the same hierarchy?

I explored the splitting of PST file option, it creates the same hierarchy in the split files, but the problem is the IDs are all different in the new PST files.
Without a mapping for the new folder IDs to the original folder ID, I cannot call AddMessage or AddFolder onto the parent folderID in the new PST files.

Is there any support in Aspose.Email to get a mapping between the split files and the original file for the folders?


Hello @Srinidhi ,

As item identifiers should be unique only within a single PST file, Aspose.Email does not directly provide a method to map folder IDs between split PST files and the original file, you can implement a custom solution to achieve this.