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StackOverFlowException on Aspose.Excel


I saw some postings on this subject. I am facing the same problem too. Has this problem been resolved?

We have a service that creates Excel Spreadsheets and the service stops working after creating a certaing number of spreadsheets (around 300). On closer examination we found that the Aspose.Excel component is throwing a StackOverFlowException.


We didn't solve this problem yet. Could you please post your project here? That will help us to solve this problem. Thank you very much.

Here is the source code. This class is called from a windows service that reads from a message queue to process query requests from users. After processing about 300-400 requests, there is a StackOverflowException in the Aspose.Excel component and we have to restart our windows service to clear the problem. We are currently restarting the service every morning.

Your help in resolving this problem will be very much appreciated.

I just noticed that, when I remove the following call, the problem seems to go away.


I need to reconfirm whether the problem really goes away or just delays the failure.


Thanks for your information. I will check it to figure out the problem.

Please try this attached fix.

The fix seems to work. Will you be making a regular release with this fix?

Thanks for your prompt support.

A new version will be released at the end of this week. Thanks for you patience.