StackOverflowException when creating a Project from Primavera XML

When trying to create a Project from Primavera XML I get a StackOverflowException. The XML that has been generated comes from a Primavera project created using the “P6 Pro Standalone [SQLite]” driver type. The other driver types seem to be ok.

We are on Aspose version 20.80.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Please share the source file reproducing the issue along with used sample code. Please also try using latest Aspose.Tasks for .NET 21.7 as well on your end.

Hi @mudassir.fayyaz

Thanks for replying. I’ve tried using the latest Aspose.Tasks with the same resulting errors.

I’ve supplied two xml files.

CustomerIssueStandalone is a sanitised version of the customer’s file, this is the one that causes the StackOverflowException exception to be thrown and is the “P6 Pro Standalone [SQLite]” driver" one mentioned in my initial post.

The second file is a sanitised version of the customer’s file after it has been imported into Primavera EPPM and then exported. This one gets the error ‘Input string was not in a correct format.’ with the following stack trace:

at System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal)
   at System.Number.ParseDecimal(String value, NumberStyles options, NumberFormatInfo numfmt)
   at #=zFslrKbzS5FCnlocrBcECK1jEEEAH.#=zXI9We0LIcJTS(String #=zJNMdvS8=)
   at #=zEfkHCwSJGjDyhlRdvTxF2p91Ck9fpr0ZLhUm8Vz2Elh$.#=zSu4E6_NeUp0RRduU2Q==(XmlElement #=zpTkR_PU=, String #=zgocHXsqcq4AO)
   at #=zEfkHCwSJGjDyhlRdvTxF2p91Ck9fpr0ZLhUm8Vz2Elh$.#=zLvoekyU=(XmlElement #=zTjEA8aA=, Object #=zR$73qeg=, String& #=zYe8Uq1M=)
   at #=zPwNB3l01iXD4QBps8NGJlY0QfAfdPOsPwbbYlFk=.#=zeZ1XjuVPxKa$()
   at #=zPwNB3l01iXD4QBps8NGJlY0QfAfdPOsPwbbYlFk=.#=zXuUziwI=()
   at #=zPwNB3l01iXD4QBps8NGJlY0QfAfdPOsPwbbYlFk=.#=zLvoekyU=()
   at #=zPwNB3l01iXD4QBps8NGJlY0QfAfdPOsPwbbYlFk=.#=z7HW8rAfakkBvVwOzC_iF8PA=(Project #=zyEisWrk=, Stream #=zL7LUorQ=, Encoding #=z4KLNdAg=, ParseErrorCallback #=zYwLNZVUOOBod)
   at #=zPwNB3l01iXD4QBps8NGJlY0QfAfdPOsPwbbYlFk=.#=zLvoekyU=(Project #=zyEisWrk=, Stream #=zL7LUorQ=, PrimaveraXmlReadingOptions #=zClGQaE0=)
   at #=zx8ayr6v9xY6rJQBWL40vt4c8g7rgecWhEw==.#=zLvoekyU=(Stream #=zL7LUorQ=, Project #=zyEisWrk=)
   at Aspose.Tasks.Project.#=zz_1cejeE8Cz5(Stream #=zL7LUorQ=, ParseErrorCallback #=zYwLNZVUOOBod, Encoding #=z4KLNdAg=, PrimaveraXmlReadingOptions #=zClGQaE0=)
   at Aspose.Tasks.Project..ctor(String projectTemplate, ParseErrorCallback parseErrorHandler)
   at Aspose.Tasks.Project..ctor(String projectTemplate)
   at ActiveRisk.Arm.Services.UnitTests.ImportExport.PrimaveraXmlFileParserFixture.AsposeReadXml() in C:\Projects\ARM\ARM\User Interface\ActiveRisk.Arm.Services.UnitTests\ImportExport\PrimaveraXmlFileParserFixture.cs:line 32

My code is pretty simple…

Project project5 = new Project("C:\\Primavera issue\\SANITISED\\CustomerIssueEPPM.xml");
Project project6 = new Project("C:\\Primavera issue\\SANITISED\\CustomerIssueStandalone.xml");

Thanks for your help,
John (357.6 KB)


Thank you for sharing the information. A ticket with ID TASKSNET-10303 has been created in our issue tracking system to further investigate and resolved the issue. This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be notified once the issue will be fixed.

Thank you @mudassir.fayyaz. Do you know more or less when the issue will be fixed?


It has just been logged in our issue tracking system. I request for your patience an will share the good news with you as soon as it will be addressed.

Hi Mudassir

Please can you give me some sort of indication as to how long these sort of issues take to fix… is it days, weeks months?

We have a very angry customer who wants to know how long it will be before we will fix the problem.

Kind regards,


At the moment the issue is in pending issues queue and waiting for investigation on its due turn. Once the issue will be scheduled for investigation on its due turn then we will be able to share any ETA for this. I request for your patience and will keep you posted with updates as soon as they will be shared.

Thanks @mudassir.fayyaz. Do you know what xsd file is used for P6 Professional? The only one we could find seems to be inconsistent with what actually ends up in the xml when exporting from Primavera. Which one does Aspose use?


We are working over the issue and It will hopefully be fixed in upcoming release in Aspose.Tasks for .NET 21.8. As for your last question is concerned, we don’t have any XSD scheme for Primavera file.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as TASKSNET-10303) have been fixed in this update.