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StackOverflowException when printing using Aspose.Word.Viewer

I’m aware that there’s no official support for the Aspose.Word.Viewer control yet, but we’ve hit a bug which you probably ought to be aware of.
We’ve used Aspose.Word to generate the attached document (we’re calling Aspose.Word from Visual FoxPro via a COM facade we’ve written). Generating the document is fine, but some of our users have the requirement to print the document once generated.
We’ve just bought Aspose.Word as we were so delighted with the performance boost (document generation times are down from 20 seconds with Word Automation to 2 seconds with Aspose). Spotting that you had the beta viewer available, we decided to try and squeeze even more performance by using Aspose.Word.Viewer to print the resulting document instead of shelling/automating Word.
Sadly, although printing works for some simple documents, this particular document fails with a StackOverflowException. It’s a shame as it means for now we’ll have to continue using Word to print documents. I just thought you ought to know so hopefully when you release the Viewer we’ll be able to use it. I see you were hoping for possibly the year end to release - is that still a realistic target?
One other small issue - is it possible to get Aspose to automatically size table columns to fit the whole width of the page similar to how Word does? You’ll notice in the attached document the table just looks a little odd as all the columns are the same size so it’s not using the full width of the page.
Andrew Dancy, Lovetts plc

Hi Andrew,
Thank you for considering Aspose.
We’re really happy that you were delighted with the performance boost provided by Aspose.Word. However, we are not going to fix any Aspose.Word.Viewer beta bugs. We will simply get rid of them in the final version, that’s it. Thank you for understanding.
As to the second issue - I don’t see anything attached here. Please reattach the document.

I understand about the beta status. Is there a preferred method for reporting bugs in the beta to you, or would you prefer not to have feedback for the beta at all?
I’ve tried re-attaching the document here - do let me know if it still doesn’t show.
Andrew Dancy, Lovetts plc

The point is that Aspose.Word.Viewer will probably be significantly reworked until the final version is out so most of the current bugs will simply disappear. That’s why reporting bugs which are currently in the beta appears to be senseless.
As to the table issue - there’s no automatic method to perform what you need, but we will log it as a feature request. Thanks for that.

Thanks for your help. I’d just like to reiterate how delighted we are with Aspose.Word. We’ve just rolled the first build of our in-house software using Aspose.Word and it’s cutting the typical document generation time by a factor of 5 or so. May not seem like much on an individual basis, but when you’re generating several hundred documents a day it’s going to save us a fortune in lost time!
Many thanks, and keep up the good work!
Andrew Dancy, Lovetts plc

We are happy to tell you that the new Rendering Engine has replaced the “old Viewer Beta”. The Rendering Engine can print, save as images or draw onto .NET Graphics object any document page.

Please see Aspose.Words documentation to learn more about new features.

Saving to image

In additional, new Rendering engine allows you to convert Word document to PDF directly (without using Aspose.Pdf).

Saving to Pdf

The latest version of Aspose.Words is available for download from downloads section or from NuGet

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSNET-352) have been fixed in this .NET update and in this Java update.

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