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Start and end dates are wrong after exporting MPP in Aspose Tasks 20.6 version (C# . NET)

Hi Team,

The attached code is working fine with Aspose.Tasks 19.12 version. After updating to Aspose.Tasks 20.6 latest version in exported mpp the Start and End are not showing the actual dates from the original data. The given data is in 2020 year but its showing year as 2000.

Please find the attachments. (56.3 KB)



I have observed the issue shared and a ticket with ID TASKSNET-4219 has been created in our issue tracking system to further investigate it. This thread has been associated with issue so that we may share notification with you.

please provide the solution ASAP ,so that it would be helpful.


Hello Aspose.Tasks team,

The above given issue works in v19.12 version and the same was broken in latest version v20.6

We have upgraded our system to use Aspose.Task 20.6, at the moment we don’t want the new DLL again with the fix, but atleast we need the work arround for the same.

Thanks in advance…


The issue mentioned in this thread has just been added a day ago. We request for your patience and will share updates here in this thread as soon as it will be fixed.

Any update on this? We’re still waiting for the fix since our system got broke due to Aspose.Tasks 20.6 version.


I request for your patience as the issue has not yet been resolved. We will share the good news with you as soon as it will be fixed.

new version is released, but they dont fix ticket with ID TASKSNET-4219.
so I will wait for new version again. so bored !!!


We request for your patience and will share updates with you as soon as the issue will be fixed.