‘Startxref not found’ while mail merge

Hello support team,

We are getting ‘Startxref not found’ while doing a mail merge of the pdf file. we can able to open the pdf file locally.

Please find attached the sample code .zip file.



I have worked with sample project shared by you using Aspose.PDF and unable to observe any error which you mentioned. I have generated file as well. Please check attachment.MergeResult1_031920071512.pdf (789 Bytes)

Hello Adnan.Ahmed,

did you change anything code? as we were getting an error when we execute this code. It is strange that you did not get any error and mail merge done successfully with blank file and no content in it.


Please see attached screenshot that shows the error. It does take good 3-4 minutes for it to process before this error shows up

image.png (79.3 KB)


I like to inform that I have not changed anything in your sample project shared by you. Can you please share environment details with us.