Storing tasks in DB


we are trying to use you example in our application. in your demo, you stor your tasks in a session variable and us those to populate the datagrids. do you have any examples of storing/retreiving tasks from a database? is there a sample were a task is stored in a database, and then used to prepopulate the edit form


You need to distnguish between task and a recurrence pattern.

Aspose.iCalendar itself deals only with recurrence patterns. Recurrence pattern is basically a string in the iCalendar format, it can be loaded into the Aspose.iCalendar object model, stored back into a string and occurence dates can be calculated for it.

The task (or event) or whatever (task name, description, category etc) are all outside of the Aspose.iCalendar domain. The demo project provided with Aspose.iCalendar implements a simple Task class that has a task description and a recurrence pattern. Basically both are strings.

Access to the database is also not in the domain of Aspose.iCalendar. Since the recurrence pattern is a string and the task name is a string - all you need to do is to store thos into your database or whatever.