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Strange Difference!


I've found some unpleasant difference in desktopgrid reaction on mouse and keyboard navigation actions

1. When I navigate via mouse - it's all ok!!

2. When Change cellfocus with keyboard - each time grid automatically changes so, that focused cell becomes left top left visible cell, drastically changing all grid appearance - IT'S VERY ANNOYIN'!

Please, could u change your source code so, that grid always reacts ok!!

Hi, Kola

When you navigate via mouse, the focused cell is always in GridDesktop client rectangle.

But, via keyboard, the next focused cell that you navigate maybe is not in client rectangle. So, GridDesktop control will place the focused cell in its client rectangle, and redraw all cells in client rectangle. It looks drasticlly.

I make the behavior most like Excel via keyboard operation , but not perfect now. I will improve this in the future.

OK - thanks - I’ll be waitin for your future updates