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Strange Header&Footer Problem- & Image question

Hi, all, I’ve been away for a break… and now I’m back trying to finish off my evaluation of the aspose.word component.

I have managed to create quite a complicated document, ‘drawn by hand’ in a tree structure, parsing Html to documentbuilder commands etc. Actually I’ve almost finished everything I’ve set out to do!


1. I’m generating some very complicated page headers & footers. I use text boxes embeded in the headers & footers to write watermarks on the left hand side of my pages. I also embed information.

My problem is that although, aspose seems to generate the word documents correctly, when I print or save the documents I lose both my page headings and my page footings.

Strange, eh?

2. In inserting images, would it be possible in the (near) future control how word inserts the image. In spanish the word option is Adjustes de Texto, maybe something along the line of ‘text adjustments’ in english. Specifically I would like to be able to insert images ‘behind text’. Will this be possible?

Again, thanks for a great component.

  1. DocumentBuilder does not directly support building headers and footers yet, we plan to implement this. In the meantime there is a workaround: if you already have a merge field in your header and/or footer when you open the document, you can use DocumentBuilder.MoveToMergeField to navigate to that field and insert content into the header or footer.

    2. Thanks for the comment on inserting images. We certainly need to add all those features that specify image position and text wrapping around it, I will add this onto our task list.

    Sorry I cannot promise a delivery date because we already have a queue of new features, but as usual, in 2-3 months there certainly will be progress. If there is any opportunity to implement these sooner, we will do it.

Thanks for the quick response romank.

But the problem is not being able to write to the headers I’m already doing that - as you suggest - using MovetomergeField.

The problem is that the Headers and Footers are disappearing when I save the document.

Can you send me your template file please, the one that contains textboxes in the headers etc. To

Romank, I discovered the source of the problem.

I was seperating each of my tables by inserting a continoussection break, unfortuantly it was the continoussection break that was somehow creating such havoc with my headers & footers.

But once again thanks for the time & help.

Do you still have the problem or it’s been resolved?

By the way, you documents open and save fine in my test without losing textboxes from the headers.

Make sure you use latest Aspose.Word hotfix and let me know what MS Word version you are using.