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Subject always has "Invitation:"

I am using ASPOSE.NETWORK ( and mail , exchange).

I set the Subject to be "Click to add to your calendar". But when the invite is delivered, the subject always has "Invitation : Click to add to your calendar (Oct 2 12:00 AM EDT in Your Desk)".

Only "Click to add to your calendar" is my subject that i want it to show but it shows the above.

"Your desk" is the title.

Oct 2,12:00 EDT -> It is picking up based on Start Date.

How can I control the above.

Let me know for any questions.


Can you post your code here?


Questions I am having are

a) Subject of the email that gets delivered always has as "Invitation:" in the beginning of subject along with START DATE and TITLE at the end of the subject.

b) When someone opens the email, before accepting the event, it has SUMMARY where it takes whatever is defined in SUBJECT. Is there a different property for this?

c) The body of the email has HTML characters and when I assign it to the 'description' the same it shows all HTML characters within the email.

d) Does the problem seems to be with "AddAlternateView"?? Is this line causing all of the previous values to get reset or is this line making any changes? I tried with AddCalendar (which is obsolete) but still no success.

Below is the code.

using Aspose.Network;
using Aspose.Network.Mail;
using Aspose.Network.Exchange;

void AsposeTest(string cBody)

// cBody is a string that has body of the email that has TR, TD and other HTML characters.

DateTime dt1 = (DateTime) L1["EventDate"];
DateTime dt2 = (DateTime) L1["EndDate"];

string cFLName = L1["Requestor"].ToString();
string cTitle = L1["Title"].ToString();
string cEmail = "";

MailMessage msg = new MailMessage();
msg.From = "";

msg.To = cEmail;

msg.Subject = "Click ACCEPT to Add to Calendar"; // (" + cTitle + ")";

Appointment app = new Appointment(cTitle, new DateTime((int)dt1.Year, (int)dt1.Month, (int)dt1.Day, (int)dt1.Hour, (int)dt1.Minute, (int)dt1.Second), new DateTime((int)dt2.Year, (int)dt2.Month, (int)dt2.Day, (int)dt2.Hour, (int)dt2.Minute, (int)dt2.Second), msg.From, msg.To);

app.Summary = "Your request has been approved";
app.Description = cBody;

msg.IsBodyHtml = true;
//msg.HtmlBody = cBody;
//msg.Body = cBody;
msg.TextBody = cBody;

SmtpClient smtpClient = new SmtpClient(cSMTPClient);


Are you using Microsoft Outlook as your email client? I think different clients handle the meeting requests in a different way.

I did some tests using the same code as above with Microsoft Outlook and GMail.

Microsoft Outlook takes the whole message as a meeting request. It does not show the subject, as you can see from the screenshot.

While GMail shows it as an message, which has a meeting request attached to it. It shows both email subject and meeting summary. I have highlighted these in the screenshot as well.

Looked at the snapshot. I would like to know what will be the "subject" within the INBOX (list of email messages).

We use both outlook and lotus notes. Is there a known issue with notes?

For me to discuss with the NOTES team, I will probably need to know how the details are sent over to email client.


The “Invitation:” text comes default with the Lotus Notes email client, when you open the email with the meeting request. I installed a trial version of Lotus Notes 8.5 and sent meeting request using Outlook. And received the meeting request with Lotus Notes.

When sending invitation from Outlook, I set “meeting request” as subject. Then I received the email using Lotus Notes. It showed the subject “Invitation: meeting request Oct 15 03:00 AM ZE5 in location”. The underlined was the text that I wrote in Outlook. Rest of the text, it added automatically.

It is the default behavior of Lotus Notes. It might be changed in Lotus Notes settings. The screenshots are attached too.