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We are using v8.0 of Aspose.Words.

When our document has a table in it and at the bottom of the table contains the following field

{=SUM(ABOVE) \# "$#,##0.00;($#,##0.00)"}

when the document is streamed to disk/end user so that field is displayed as

!Undefined Bookmark, ABOVE

The functionallity is still there when we hit F9 - it will sum all the cells above it.

In version 6.5 it would keep the display as $0.00.

I've used the following code to reproduce it:

var streamFromManifest = typeof(SimpleDocumentAssemblerFixture).Assembly.GetManifestResourceStream(

"PRS.CMS.IntegrationTests.MergeEngine.Server." + "TestSumField.dotx");

// Open an existing document.

var doc = new Document(streamFromManifest);

// Fill the fields in the document with user data.


new[] { "FullName", "Company", "Address", "Address2", "City" },

new object[] { "James Bond", "MI5 Headquarters", "Milbank", "", "London" });


doc.Save("TestSumField - ok.doc", SaveFormat.Doc);

I've included 4 files in the files.zip attachment.

1 - TestSumField.dotx: that is the template used to generate the document

2 - TestSumField - ok -v6.5.doc: that is the output of the code above when using v6.5

3 - TestSumField - ok -v8.0.doc: that is the output of the code above when using v8.0

4 - TestSumField - ok -v8.0-update fields.doc: that is the output of the code above when using v8.0 and uncommenting the "//doc.UpdateFields" line.


Thanks for your request. Unfortunately, table cell references like ABOVE are not currently supported. This feature will be supported in a month or two. Your request has been linked to the appropriate issue. You will be notified as soon as this feature is available.

You can also try a workaround as described in the following forum thread:


Hope this helps.
Best regards.

Hi Andrey, when I click on that link I get the following message

Access Denied

You do not have permissions to perform the requested action.


<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Thanks for your request. Sorry, I missed that the thread is private. Here is code example and documents provided there.

// Open document.

Document doc = new Document(@"Test001\in.doc");

// We will use DocuemntBuider to insert new value of the field

DocumentBuilder buider = new DocumentBuilder(doc);

// Get collection of FieldStart nodes in the document.

// This is needed to fing formula fields.

NodeCollection starts = doc.GetChildNodes(NodeType.FieldStart, true);

// Loop through all FieldStarts.

foreach (FieldStart start in starts)


// Check type of teh field.

// We will process only formula like =SUM(ABOVE).

if(start.FieldType == FieldType.FieldFormula)


// We need also get field code.

string fieldCode = "";

Node currentNode = start;

while (currentNode.NodeType != NodeType.FieldSeparator)


if (currentNode.NodeType == NodeType.Run)

fieldCode += ((Run) currentNode).Text;

currentNode = currentNode.NextSibling;


// Check if the current node is =SUM(ABOVE).

if (fieldCode.Trim() != "=SUM(ABOVE)")


// Calculate value of the field.

// This field should be placed in the table cell.

Cell cell = (Cell)start.GetAncestor(NodeType.Cell);

// If this field is placed outside table cell, we will stop calculation.

if (cell == null)


// Get index of the cell.

int cellIdx = cell.ParentRow.Cells.IndexOf(cell);

int sum = 0;

// Loop through all rows before row, where field is located.

Table table = cell.ParentRow.ParentTable;

for (Row row = table.FirstRow; row != null && row != cell.ParentRow; row = (Row)row.NextSibling)


// Get cell text by index.

string text = row.Cells[cellIdx].ToTxt().Trim();

// Convert value to int.

int val;

Int32.TryParse(text, out val);

// add value to the sum

sum += val;


// Now we should insert calculated value as a field result.

// We shoudl remove old value first.

currentNode = currentNode.NextSibling;

while (currentNode.NodeType != NodeType.FieldEnd)


Node nextNode = currentNode.NextSibling;


currentNode = nextNode;


// Insert new value.





// Save output document.


Hope this helps.

Best regards.


I'm working on implementing this functionality right at the moment, so hopefully it will be available in the upcoming release.


The issues you have found earlier (filed as 11066) have been fixed in this update.

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