Support For ARM now?

I was directed from “sales” to ask the forum. So here is my question.
I saw a post from 1.5 years ago that no ARM was supported. Has there been any movement?

We are looking to license a ARMv7 Cortex A8, OS Agnostic library (*.a) file to locate and decode PDF417 codes.

Our environment is the TI Sitara MCU line using an RTOS, no file system and only limited and specific kernel resources, which is why a pure C (C++ wrapped) library is desired. No support for image unpacking (TIF, JPG, PNG, BMP) is needed, as the image is already unpacked within our device.

I am afraid, there is no specific Aspose.BarCode for C++ lib version which is compiled for ARM processor. Anyways, we will get back to you with more details on it.

It supports .Net MAUI (Android / iOS) and most of devices work on ARM processors.

Currently Aspose.Barcode and Aspose.Drawing.Common are written on native IL code (.Net Core) and do not use external system libraries. In this way Aspose.Barcode could support ARM but we have not tested. You can try. Main advice: register fonts because Aspose.Drawing.Common has only one embedded font.

Aspose.Barcode solutions are built on managed code and use rich api of .Net and Java frameworks. Aspose C++ solutions use emulation of managed code with memory manager and .Net Api. I think it is difficult to make it really OS Agnostic library, because we need to go to next stage to build own VM.

About pure C++ solution. You can see list of all available barcode solutions (on all languages and technologies)

As you can see, only ZInt could help you with PDF417 codes generation (with some code reworking) but no one barcode solution can help with PDF417 recognition on pure (OS Agnostic) C++.

It is better to use bridge from C++ to Java or .Net Core VMs and this solution could work with most of OS which support Java or .Net Core.