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Support for Autodesk’s Revit file format?


I just wanted to asked if support for Autodesk’s Revit (*.rvt) is on your roadmap, or not something you are considering?
Our main use case would be to convert the *.rvt file to pdf.



I have observed your requirements and regret to share that at present the support for RVT file format is unavailable in Aspose.CAD. An issue with ID CADNET-462 has been added as new feature request to investigate the possibility of implementing requested support. I also like to add further that the requested support is at present not in our roadmap and our product team will be considering the request as per their plans. We will share the good news with you as soon as further updates will be shared by them.

Great thank you!

Now ! Is Support convert revit to pdf or jpg ?

Now ! Is support convert revit to pdf or jpg ?

Now ! Is Support convert revit to pdf or jpg ?


We have investigated the requirements related to RVT file format. Actually, RVT is a commercial format and would not be implemented in our API.