Support for GPS file types


Can you please share if you can support following geospatial files.Geospatial (192 Bytes)


We already support GPX (WPT, TRK, RTE which are part of GPX) and KML file formats. KMZ is just a KML in a zip archive. You can unzip KMZ with some other tool/library or manually, and then read *.kml file from it ( please see KMZ Files  |  Keyhole Markup Language  |  Google for Developers). CSV file formats are not supported for now, but if you can provided some sample file like this, we can consider this for implementation.

We plan to add support for DXF at the beginning of 2019. In addiiton, .TRL seems to us of raster type which we don’t have any plans to support in future. XML in general is very vague term in relation to geospatial formats and so is WPR.

We request you to please share sample files of these with us for further consideration at our end.