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Support for .NET Core 2.1 in Aspose.Tasks (C# .NET Core)

I’m trying to upgrade an Azure Function v1 project which is currently targeting .Net Framework to an Azure Function v2 project (target .Net Core 2.1). Aspose.Cells is working fine for the moment however, I couldn’t manage to export a Project file using Aspose.Tasks (v19.11).
The code fails right at the begining, when instanciating new Project() class. I have the following exception :
System.Drawing is not supported on this platform.
at System.Drawing.Font…ctor(String familyName, Single emSize) in E:\A_work\21\s\corefx\bin\obj\AnyOS.AnyCPU.Release\System.Drawing.Common\netstandard\System.Drawing.Common.notsupported.cs:line 282
at #=zY8SuN0loc9$dRu$p6C8C1JFp5g8TESZHLw==.#=znRqcsP8=()
at #=zmE2DKBIBYtePup$S$t0hFoPv3KXTxJBRTw==.#=zg$4bxQQ=()
at #=zmE2DKBIBYtePup$S$t0hFoPv3KXTxJBRTw==.#=zC4oE5gQ=()
at #=zmE2DKBIBYtePup$S$t0hFoPv3KXTxJBRTw==.#=znRqcsP8=()
at #=zmE2DKBIBYtePup$S$t0hFoPv3KXTxJBRTw==.#=znRqcsP8=(Project #=zLif34To=, Stream #=zwnvJ_GQ=)
at #=zAK10VhVtCs79aSa5pGCXOFE=.#=znRqcsP8=(Stream #=zwnvJ_GQ=, Project #=zLif34To=)
at Aspose.Tasks.Project.#=zhrrXgukDfYzU(Stream #=zwnvJ_GQ=, ParseErrorCallback #=zVzRSc1nEHXuC, Encoding #=z3PMJ0S8=, PrimaveraXmlReadingOptions #=zNg1zWn8=)
at Aspose.Tasks.Project…ctor(String projectTemplate, ParseErrorCallback parseErrorHandler)
at Aspose.Tasks.Project…ctor(String projectTemplate)

Any idea ? I thought Aspose.Tasks with support for .Net Core 2.1 was added in v18.12 ?

Hello @Opus_Team!

Please read the post on SO: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/51904125/azure-function-gives-error-system-drawing-is-not-supported-on-this-platform

But Aspose.Tasks is rely on System.Drawing.

Hello Alexander,
Thanks for your response, I think you faced the same issue for Aspose.Words as it depends now on SkiaSharp instead System.Drawing.
Is there a plan to do anything similar for Aspose.Tasks ?
This is really a blocking issue for us, we have to migrate to Azure Function v2 & v3 as it’s GA but we can’t.

We hadn’t plan to migrate Aspose.Tasks to SkiaSharp, but we are to discuss it within our team in a few days.

Hello Alexander,

Any news on that issue ?


We are looking into this and will be able to share any update on this tomorrow. I request for patience and we will get back to you soon.

Hello @Opus_Team
We investigated the issue and can say that we support of Azure requires significant refactoring of Aspose.Tasks. We should migrate Aspose.Tasks for .NET Standard from System.Drawing.Common to SkiaSharp. We will start it this work in the beginning of 2020 and plan to deliver it in Q1 2020.

Hello guys,
Any update on this issue ?


I like to share that at present the requested implementation has not yet been carried out in API. We will share the feedback with you as soon as support will be included.

Hello guys,
Any update on this issue ?


I regret to share that the concerned support is presently unavailable in API. We request for your patience and will share the good news as soon as the support will be available.