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Support for newer Excel functions

Hi There

Will you be introducing support for some of the more recent functions that Microsoft has introduced to Excel, including:

  • SORT
  • LET

Based on your documentation, it seems that these functions are not yet supported. Do you have a timeline for when these functions will be supported by your product?

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We already have a feature request logged as “CELLSNET-47363” and the API already supports UNIQUE and SORT functions in latest version. We let you know once all of these functions are supported.


Are you planning on supporting the LAMBDA function as well? If yes, any idea on the timeline?

I’m asking since the LAMBDA function is not mentioned in the forum post related to “CELLSNET-47363”.

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Yes, supporting LAMBDA function is planned based on this forum thread. However, any timeline is not available yet. We will let you know once any update will be available.