Support for vertical text


Do you know when Aspose PDF components might provide support for vertical text?



Dear Dave,

I’m sorry. You mean Aspose.PowerPoint and drawing vertical text on thumbnails?


hi Alexy,

EXcel supports vertically oriented text and we have a client for which we do excel2pdf translations. At this time, the vertical text does not translate into PDF’s.



Dear Dave,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

Vertical text is not easy to be supported in Aspose.Pdf so I have to consider adding support for it when I have finished my current task which I hope to be at the end of May.


Is there a forecasted date for supporting vertical text?

Dave Brown


That is answer. Next time please use right forum to ask questions.
Aspose.PowerPoint and Aspose.Pdf developed by different teams and can’t be supported together.

Dear Dave,

Vertical text is supported in Aspose.Pdf only with absolute positioning. That means you can display a piece of vertical text at a specified position.

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