Support of Spelling Suggestion in Aspose.Words for .NET

How I can add a correct word suggestion over a misspelled word using aspose?
Misspelled word are marked by red squiggly line and when clicked few suggestion comes up.
Is there a way to add my candidate word into spell checker dialog box(assuming thats what is called )?


You can use Font.NoProofing property to ignore red squiggly line. However, Aspose.Words does not provide APIs to suggest correct word suggestions.

If your requirement is different, please share some more detail about your query along with input and expected output documents. We will then guide you according to your requirement.

spell_check.jpeg (77.9 KB)

In the image the word “sampel” is misspelled. And when we right click we get right spelling suggestion which is "sample " as shown in the image .
How can I add more suggestion in the dialog box.


Please note that spelling suggestion is MS Word or OpenOffice (Application) level setting and does not store in the document. Therefore it cannot be controlled by Aspose.Words. This is completely controlled by the document viewer.