Supported File Types

We have a need to know what versions of Office that this product supports.

We received our license on 1/17/2017.

We need to be able to provide to our customer the file types we support and therefore we have a need to know which versions of Office are supported.

We had a situation that a customer used Word 95 which did not work so we need to be able to tell them what we can use.

We also need to know what versions of PDF your products support

Taylor McDonald

We need this for at least Words, Cells and PDF

Hi Taylor,

Thank you for contacting support. Please refer to these helping links:
Input Formats of Aspose.Words API, Output Formats of Aspose.Words API, Input Formats of Aspose.Cells API, Output Formats of Aspose.Cells API, Supported Formats of Aspose.Pdf API and Feature list of Aspose.Pdf API

Please let us know in case of any confusion or questions.