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Suppress auto-generated "Producer" PDF Metadata

Is there really no way to suppress the “Producer” metadata in the PDF resulting from the conversion with “Aspose.Words for Java”? It currently leaks the Aspose version deployed on our system. I understand that you may want to output this version by default (advertising your product, troubleshooting/reproducing issues in generated PDFs), but given that this is a paid product, there really should be an option to override this behavior.

Background: We are not allowed to leak internals of our application (potentially vulnerable library versions etc.) to end users.

(I tried to search the forum for similar questions but got a “502 Bad Gateway” error)

@PDFfail You can specify PdfSaveOptions.setExportGeneratorName() to false to disable adding name and version of Aspose.Words into produced files.

@alexey.noskov: Thanks. It seems that I found some obsolete documentation somewhere that says this is not possible.

It seems this option was introduced in Aspose Words for Java 21.8 in “WORDSNET-21015 Request to Remove Generator or Producer Name”. Time for an upgrade, as we are still on 20.12.

@PDFfail Yes, you are right the feature has been introduced in 21.8 version of Aspose.Words.