Svg export filesize issue

Hi all,

I am using slides to export svg from ppt and then aspose flash to merge them into swf but the output file size is really large.

for example a ppt of 1800kb results 4792 kb

i am using the ppt2swf demo code which comes with flash trial.
i disabled the fading effect bu it makes a difference of 100kb at most
i also used svgOptions.simple while exporting

i think the images in ppt slides causes the filesize grow.

is there a way to export svg with manipulating image sizes?

or how can i reduce the ouput file size.

(it is important for me to get the text areas to vectorel drawing in the output file)

thank you

Hi Mustafa,

Thanks for your patience and interest in Aspose.Slides.

I have discussed your specified issue with Aspose.Slides development team. Our development team has verified the issue and it does not seem to be a problem with Aspose.Slides. Actually, for presentations with images inside, have large SVG and it is ok. There are reasons why SVG can be large.

  1. WYSIWYG mode stores text as glyphs, so if a presentation has much text size can be huge. SIMPLE mode stores text as text.

  2. Images can be stored in SVG format only as Base64 encoded text, so each image will have in 1.5 times large size than in PPT.

As you mentioned, that there are images in your PPT slide, so large SVG size for that is justifiable. Moreover, SVG size cannot be manipulated except using the above mentioned properties.

We are sorry for the inconvenience,