SVG path incorrectly closed when converted to EMF


When converting SVG to EMF paths are always closed even if fill=“none” and the path is not ending with a Z.

Here attached is an SVG example from the Aspose documentation, converted to EMF with the Aspose online converter.

Compare the tree on the left hand side. The SVG in Edge is correctly showing the unclosed paths while in the EMF file, the paths are closed. (919 Bytes)

Note that Aspose has the same problem with Polyline even with fill:none, the path gets incorrectly closed.

You can test the following SVG, having similar path and polyline. Both are unclosed in Edge and closed in the EMF.

We have opened the following new ticket(s) in our internal issue tracking system and will deliver their fixes according to the terms mentioned in Free Support Policies.

Issue ID(s): IMAGINGNET-6790

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