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Swiss-QR-Code without amount


We are using Aspose.BarCode and are starting to use the Swiss-QR-Code classes. The basics functionality works very well for our purpose. But now we ran into a problem. In Switzerland there is an invoice variant where there is a reference number but no fixed amount. This is a sample of such a case:

ESR-plus.png (98.3 KB)

The amount will be manually entered and the Amount-Property is left empty (or null) and not 0.00 but the Amount-Property on the Bill class is not nullable and the default value is 0.00 which then generates a QR-Code with the amount=0.00. All the other properties are set as with any other SwissQRCodetext object.

Is there a way to accomplished that?

Thank you very much.

We have understood your requirement and have logged an investigation ticket in our database. You will be notified here once any update is ready for sharing.

This issue is logged as:
BARCODENET-37818 - Swiss QR code having nullable amount property