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SwissQRCode - asymmetrical cross

I have created a SwissQRCode with the ComplexBarcodeGenerator and as you can see, the swiss cross in the middle is asymmetric.
Here is the link for the right image:
output_Aspose_SwissQRCode.Png (886 Bytes)

I have tried the following sample code but could not observe the issue. You may share your runnable console application which can be used to reproduce the scenario here.

var swissQRCodetext = new SwissQRCodetext();
swissQRCodetext.Bill.Account = "Account";
swissQRCodetext.Bill.BillInformation = "BillInformation";
swissQRCodetext.Bill.Currency = "EUR";

var generator = new ComplexBarcodeGenerator(swissQRCodetext);
var img = generator.GenerateBarCodeImage();

generator.Parameters.Barcode.CodeTextParameters.TwoDDisplayText = "test";

// Save the Barcode image in BMP format
img.Save("swissQRCode_out.bmp", ImageFormat.Bmp);

// Save the Barcode image in JPEG format
generator.Save("swissQRCodetext_out.png", BarCodeImageFormat.Png);

Here is a comparison image where left side image shows the output of above sample code.
SwissQRCode.png (114.2 KB)

the left cross has the same problem. You can see it, if you make the image bigger. The top and left margins are 23px, but the bottom and richt margins are 39px. And if the QR code is getting bigger, the lines do not cross each other in the middle, just like in my case

Task will be fixed in next release. I think 20.12 (December)

Thanks Alexander!