Symbol font issue with Cells

We have an excel sheet with ‘Symbol’ font, when we convert this using Aspose cells it is converting in some different character. Attached all files here Input/Output & source code. (755.4 KB)

We had same issue with word file as well, to resolve it we have added extra code to change its fontname and number format. But didn’t find any solution for excel files.


Please make sure that the font Symbol is installed on your environment.
Also, please try the latest version Aspose.Cells for Java 23.1 .

If the issue is still not resolved, please share us the output pdf file generated on your side.

Yes we are running this code on Linux system where all the fonts are installed. Also we are using the latest Aspose Cells 23.1

Here is the output PDF file, Output.pdf (1.2 MB)

As I said earlier, we had same issue with Words which got resolved by adding extra actions, do you have any solution for Cells as well for Symbol font?


I tested on Ubuntu 20.04 with OpenJdk 1.8, it works OK.
Output_Ubuntu20.04_Openjdk1.8.pdf (792.7 KB)

Font Symbol is intalled at:
Symbol font location

Please share the Linux version and Jdk version on your side, and check the symbol.ttf font location on your Linux.

Currently it works OK on our side, and we don’t know what’s the issue on your side. Could you please share the forum link about this?


We are using CentOS 7 and JDK Version 8.
I could find these locations for Symbol font

/usr/share/fonts/urw-base35/StandardSymbolsPS.t1: Standard Symbols PS:style=Regular
/usr/share/fonts/opensymbol/opens___.ttf: OpenSymbol:style=Regular
/usr/share/fonts/google-noto/NotoSansSymbols-Regular.ttf: Noto Sans Symbols:styl e=Regular

Do you see any missing font? And can you provide details of it?

It seems there is no Symbol.ttf in your OS, please add Symbol.ttf to your OS.

Thanks, will install it.
Can you please provide us list of fonts (like Symbol.ttf) which are required for Aspose?
Because we have installed all the fonts available for CentOS 7 and msttcorefonts, Is Symbol.ttf comes under different category/package?


It depends on the fonts used in your source Excel files, you can use Workbook.getFonts() to get fonts used in the file.

symbol.ttf font file is from Windows. I just put it to Linux for test purpose. If you want to get the same output as you see in Excel in Windows, the font file is needed.

Thanks for your response.
We can close this topic now.

Glad to hear your issue was resolved.