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System.OverflowException in Workbook.Open

I get a System.OverflowException (Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow) trying to open a file with an image.

I’m a little bit aimless how to solve this problem. Here my scenarios i tested yet.

1. Created new empty Excel-File: Opening works.
2. Putting in an image in this file: Opening throws the Exception
3. Using the same image within another Excel-File containing an other image: Opening works.

I also tried different settings to embed the image within the excel during the second scenario without success.

Maybe you could give me a hint, when such an exception is thrown.

Thanks in advance
Best Regards,

Hi Alex,

Which version of Aspose.Cells are you using? Please try this attached version.

If this problem still occurs, please post your Excel file here. I will check it ASAP.

Hi Laurence,

finally i found the reason of my problem. It’s about how the image was inserted into the excel file. The error occured when the image was inserted by copy and paste from another excel file. Using the excel insert-function and loading the image directly from file system doesn`t cause any errors.

Thanks anyway.