SystemException: Not implemented


I’m trying to convert the attached PDF file to TIFF using the following code,

PdfConverter pdfConverter = new PdfConverter();

The method DoConvert is throwing the exception below,

System.SystemException: Not implemented
at Ӓ.⑧.drawString(String string_Renamed, Graphics g, Single fontSize, Single xScale, Single yScale, Single x, Single y)
at Ӓ.␃.⎐(⑄ ஃ)
at Ӓ.⎄.⎑(SByte[] ୟ)
at Ӓ.⑃.ਰ(IList ⎃)
at Ӓ.⎄.⎂(String ⁑, IList ⎃)
at Ӓ.⎄.⎂(⁈ ⁑, IList ⎃)
at Ӓ.␃.⎂(⁈ ⁑, IList ⎃)
at Ӓ.⎄.processSubStream(⏌ aPage, ℥ resources, ´ cosStream)
at Ӓ.⎄.processStream(⏌ aPage, ℥ resources, ´ cosStream)
at Ӓ.␃.drawPage(Graphics g, ⏌ p, Size& pageDimension)
at Ӓ.⏌.convertToImage()
at Aspose.Pdf.Kit.PdfConverter.DoConvert()

Any idea of why this is happening?



Dear Juno,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

I will test it and reply you soon.


I have fixed this bug. We will release a hotfix at end of this month and you can download it then or I can post the hotfix here.


Thanks for your answer.

It would be great if you provide me with the hotfix so I can start testing.




When will this hotfix be published on the site? I kind of need this function. And, as all customers almost demand.. I needed it yesterday ;)

Thanks for the response


Hello, Sogeti, We will release the next hotfix about next Monday. Thank you your patience


Great, thanks. I will postpone deciding on wich component to use till then