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Tab and Submit on WebForm via Barcode

Hey all... Simple question using ASP.NET and C Sharp... I need to create a barcode that, when scanned, will populate 2 text boxes (in tab-order), and then submit the form. My plan was to encode this: "value1\tvalue2\t\r" I'm less concerned about the submitting of the form at this point. When I do just the tabbing with a \t, it opens up my 'IE Favorites' window. When I do it to notepad.exe, it pastes value1, then delets value1, then tabs, then pastes value 2.

Anyone done this before?



Hi Matt,

You can use BarCodeBuilder.EnableEscape property to enable \n and \t characters to be encoded in the barcode. Sample code might look like:

BarCodeBuilder bb = new BarCodeBuilder();

//Set the Code text for the barcode

bb.CodeText = "value1\tvalue2\t\r";

bb.EnableEscape = true;

bb.SymbologyType = Symbology.Code39Extended;

bb.Save(@"d:\temp\barcode.jpg", System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg);


I actually resolved this issue using settings on scanner itself. I am using 39Extended and the Char(9) and Char(13) escape characters, and needed to tell my scanner to recognize them.

Great product!