Tab Names Issue

Hi team,
I am using aspose.cells latest version in dot net 4.7

I am converting xlsx into html which is working perfectly okay.
afterwards in html i am changing tab names manually from tabscript.html

and when I am regenerating xlsx back from that html I am not able to see new tab names which I edited still getting old tab names

For your reference I am attaching some files which contain html with tab names (options_edit1 and options_edit2)
one xlsx file regenerated from same html file but tab names here are (options1 and options2)

please give me solution to get editied tab names in regenerated xlsx file. (18.4 KB)


Thanks for the template HTML file and output Excel file.

I evaluated your scenario/ case a bit using your template file. I opened your template HTML file into MS Excel (manually) and IE browser type. Both show “Option1” and “Option2” tab names instead of your desired options_edit1 and options_edit2. It takes more time to open the file into MS Excel/browser too. But once the file is opened (finally), “Option1” and “Option2” are shown as tab names. In short, this is not an issue as Aspose.Cells follows MS Excel standards and specification when parsing/rendering HTML file format.