Table border- next page problems


Thanks for the updated license, we really appreciate it.

Here is what I got using the lastest version from Aspose.Words and Aspose.Pdf.
There are still a few minor errors:

1- at the bottom of page of many page, there is a gray line (which is probably from the top of the following page) that should not be there.

2- The border of the first row of all tables should be a tripple line, but on most of the pages, the 3 lines don’t go across all the table.

3- Some of the text should be vertical and it is not!

Thanks for looking into this ASAP.

Thanks for your support !


Thanks for reporting these issues to us. I have made a research and here is what I have found:

  1. The header separating line (under PROGRAMME DE CONSTRUCTION) is not exported, because autoshape export is not supported yet. The workaround is to use paragraph bottom border instead.
  2. Text direction setting in table cell is not supported yet.
    (List of unsupported features and limitations can be found here: )
  3. Overlapping double borders - looks like it is Aspose.Words issue. We will try to fix it in the next hotfix which will be published in a week or so. The problem is logged to our defect base as issue #1054.
  4. The origin of grey rectangle in the bottom is unknown to me. Must be some Aspose.Pdf issue. I will report it to them immediately.
  5. Tables misplaced to neighbouring pages in document_02 pages, starting from page 10. Also Aspose.Pdf issue. They will contact you shortly on this.

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We will try to fix the bugs in Aspose.Pdf next week.


Please try the attachment. The hotfix will be published soon.


Triple Borders

The "triple" border you see results from the difference between how Aspose.Pdf and MS Word render table borders. In MS Word if you have two adjacent cells, the bottom border of one cell and the top border of another cell can be set independently. This is exactly what happens in your document. The bottom border that contains text "Modes de contrôle" is set to Double and the top border of the cell below is set to Double. Aspose.Pdf renders this as two double borders resuling in a triple border. I'm not sure if the Aspose.Pdf team is going to change this behaviour. Until then, you need to workaround by carefully setting the Double border only in one of the adjacent cells.

Vertical Alignment

The text "Vérification / inspection" in some cells is properly centered vertically, but not centered in other cells. This is a problem with Aspose.Pdf. I'm looking for the Aspose.Pdf team to fix it.