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Table border set to outside borders

Hi team,

I need to enable all tables border in word document as “outside border”.

please ref to image uploaded.

Harish G.

@HarishGali Please see our documentation to learn how to apply formatting on table level. You can use code like this to apply outer border of table:

Document doc = new Document("in.docx");

Table table = (Table)doc.GetChild(NodeType.Table, 0, true);

// Clear any existing borders from the table.

// Set a green border around the table but not inside. 
table.SetBorder(BorderType.Left, LineStyle.Single, 1.5, Color.Green, true);
table.SetBorder(BorderType.Right, LineStyle.Single, 1.5, Color.Green, true);
table.SetBorder(BorderType.Top, LineStyle.Single, 1.5, Color.Green, true);
table.SetBorder(BorderType.Bottom, LineStyle.Single, 1.5, Color.Green, true);

Thank you for your response, its working fine.

But , the issue is first i need to check the table properties either in “outside border” or not,

if not then i have to set the table properties to “outside border”,

please help me with code to get the table property details.

Thank you.

@HarishGali You check borders on Row and Cell level in Aspose.Words model:

Document doc = new Document(@"C:\Temp\in.docx");

// Get all tables
NodeCollection tables = doc.GetChildNodes(NodeType.Table, true);
foreach (Table t in tables)
    foreach (Row r in t.Rows)
        Console.WriteLine("---Row Borders---");
        BorderCollection borders = r.RowFormat.Borders;
        Console.WriteLine("Top boder: " + borders.Top.IsVisible);
        Console.WriteLine("Bottom boder: " + borders.Bottom.IsVisible);
        Console.WriteLine("Left boder: " + borders.Left.IsVisible);
        Console.WriteLine("Right boder: " + borders.Right.IsVisible);

        foreach (Cell c in r.Cells)
            Console.WriteLine("\t---Cell Borders---");
            BorderCollection cellBorders = c.CellFormat.Borders;
            Console.WriteLine("\tTop boder: " + cellBorders.Top.IsVisible);
            Console.WriteLine("\tBottom boder: " + cellBorders.Bottom.IsVisible);
            Console.WriteLine("\tLeft boder: " + cellBorders.Left.IsVisible);
            Console.WriteLine("\tRight boder: " + cellBorders.Right.IsVisible);


Also, please see our documentation to lean more about applying borders in tables.

It’s working for cells , but not rows,

Is there any option to get the table border properties as we are setting it.

Could you please try to give me a solution in table range if available.

thank you

@HarishGali Could you please attach your input document here for testing? We will check it and provide you more information.