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Table cell print error

paper.docx (329.0 KB)

The table cell on page 8 print out with error,please help me check out what is wrong with it.

@lkf77081 Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the problem on my side using the latest 22.12 version of Aspose.Words. What Aspose.Words version of you use on your side? Could you please try with the latest version?
If the problem occurs upon printing the same problem should occur upon conversion to PDF. Could you please convert your document to PDF using Aspose.Words on your side and attach the resulting document here?

For some reason ,we were using the version 21.5.0 of Aspose.Words .
If using 22.12 version can’t reproduce the problem , i will try to use the latest version later

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paper2.docx (356.5 KB)
the paper before i deleted something ,so it can not reproduce the problem. here is the original paper,even though i update to version 22.12. the print error is still there.

i found some points maybe the reason cause the problem.

  1. the information before the page 8. when i delete the page 1-7, the table cell will be printed well.
  2. the words in table cell. when i change Fx ,Fy to be a single word like F, the table cell will be printed well.
  3. when i open the paper2.dock with wordpad ,it looks like what i print out. there is just a litte difference,the Fy disappear。

can the 3 points help us to check out the problem?

Another question :how can i print the whole paper ,include the information out range of the indent.
when i print the paper,the information out of indent disappear.


@lkf77081 Thank you for additional information. I have managed to reproduce the problem on my side. For a sake of correction it has been logged as WORDSNET-24777. We will keep you informed and let you know once the issue is resolved.

i have update my last comment, can you see that?
please help me to check out the problem.

@lkf77081 Thank you for additional information. I have logged the problem with shapes rendering on the 5th page as WORDSNET-24778. We will let you know once it is resolved or we have more information for you.

Regarding the problematic table, it looks like the problem occurs because the table is nested into another table and Aspose.Words handles this particular case improperly. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell for sure at the moment. Out development team will analyze the issue and then we will be able to provide you more information.
If you have a control over the document creation, I would suggest to simplify document structure and avoid table nesting where it is possible.