Table does not break to pages in Word document

We’re using Aspose.Words 11.0.0. We’re using a word template, inserting data dynamically to it and save it word or PDF documents.
In our template we have a table called “UserActions”. When that table contains more rows that can be visible in one page - the saved word document does not break the table to several pages. Instead, it creates redundant page breaks before and after the table and show only one page with the rows of the table, thus leaving out of the document the rest of the rows.
In PDF - everything works just fine.
I’ve attached our template and 2 examples - one for few rows in the “UserActions” table (“short test.doc” and “short test.pdf”) where you can see everything behaves correctly. And also added an example for many rows in “UserActions” table (“long test.doc” and “long test.pdf”) where you can see that the PDF is good but the Word doc cuts the table.
Please advise on this issue.

Thanks for your request. The problem occurs because you are using floating table in your document. As a temporary solution you can simply make your table inline. Moreover, I do not see any reason to use floating table in your case.
Best regards,