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Table header with dataset value


We want to display table header with dataset values concatenated to static data. It actually displays the whole thing as a string and does not the pull the data from the dataset. For example , we want to display Week Of + &=datset1!week . Is this possible ? We were able to acheive splitting into 2 rows , dispalying "week of" in row 1 and &= dataset1.wk in row 2, but we have something else to be displayed in row 2 and hence can't split the above statement into 2 rows. We tried to add a new third row for the header but that didn't seem to work as the groups and footer screwed up.



Hi ,

First, Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services report designer supports dataset values concatenated to static data.

e.g. &= “week”& tm.numbers

We have tested report define file which include some more header, one group and one footer at version.

It can normal run. Please check whether setting group item at table report works.

We have attached for you the test report, please refer to it.

By the way, click modify attribute button and get the form.

Thank You for the quick reply. The example &="week" & tm.numbers worked for us.

Getting 3 headers, still seems to be an issue when we save the report or view it in the report. As per your advice, we checked the modify attribute and it was missing all the valeus in there and hence we tried to set up the attribute and tried to save the rdl and failed to save it. On a different report where we were missing the information in Visual Studio , we tried to modify the end cell attribute to CC5 as it was pointing to V5 and hence we thought that was the issue, why it did not get moved into the visual studio. When we did that , the save failed again. Are we missing soemthing here. Your help is much appreciated



We have added the feature for the table header and hide column/row.

At present, the feature is only supported in SSRS2008/2008R2.

Please re-install Aspose.Cells. for Reporting Services and try the latest version (MSI installer):

Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services V1.8.0.72.

Please let us know your run result.

Thank you.