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Table looks distorted in MS Word 97


We are using Aspose.Word.dll version enterprise. We are generating word table using following API:

docbuilder.Font.Size = 8;
docbuilder.Bold = true;

for (int i=2; i <= dtMarkerInfo.Columns.Count - 1; i++)

When we are openning document in Word 97 columns in the table look shifted and distorted.

Please help....

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The code like this cannot provide a nice looking table as the empty cells inserted with it will have preferred width set to 0 by default. I have tested this code and it built a table with no borders and only one normal cell that has a text written by docbuilder.Write(Row["Marker"].ToString()); in it.

Please design with MS Word the table that you want to build and I will provide you with correct code to create a similar table using Aspose.Words.

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