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Table.SetColumnWidth() has a minimum allowable width

I’m initially setting the table column widths like so:

Table.ColumnWidths = “60 60 60”

After all the cells have been added, I’d like to do the following:

Table.SetColumnWidth(0, 75)

It looks like the minimum allowable width for this method is 100. If so, can this be fixed to permit smaller widths?

Thanks, Natan.

Also, if I’m in the middle of creating a Table object (meaning I’ve added a row and a couple cells), can I update the Table.ColumnWidths property?

For example, before any rows or cells are added I do:

Table.ColumnWidths = “100 100 100”

After adding the first row and cell, can I do:

Table.ColumnWidths = “75 100 100”


Dear cohenn,

The Table.ColumnWidths can’t be updated. I have planed to add the Table.SetColumnWidth method.

Sorry for the mistake in the former post. Update Table.ColumnWidths is possible. The value of ColumnWidths is used when the Pdf.Save method is called.

I forgot about the first question I asked in this thread. Does the SetColumnWidth() method have a 100pt minimum width?

Thanks, Natan.

Dear Natan,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

There is no minimum allowanle width for SetColumnWidth method. Please provide a example that can reproduce this error.

There is a minimum cell width though
I tried to change anything less than 100, it will still be 100,
thus when I have a table with 6 column, it exceeded my pdf form. Angry

The default cell width is 100 but that can be changed. We encourage customer set column width using Table.ColumnWidths. Please provide a example if it won’t work for you.