Table style is not preserved when saving file


I have a Master.xlsx document which contains styles (incl. table style). When I open Master document and save it to another file table styles are not preserved.

Is there any way to add table style? What about other Excel styles (ie. Heading) are they accesible through Aspose.Cell?



Hi Ranko,

Well, I am afraid the table styles are not preserved when copying a worksheet(containing it). we only support the table styles will be preserved when opening/re-saving the template file at the moment.
We have already registered this feature into our internal issue tracking system with an issue id: CELLSNET-6580. The feature is scheduled to be completed in this month. We will update you on it.

Thank you.


Please try the attached fixed version. We have supported to set table
style. Currently you can use “ListObject.TableStyleType” attribute to set table with excel 2007 built-in style such as:

listObject.TableStyleType = TableStyleType.TableStyleLight4;

Thank you