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Tables demo creates corrupt powerpoint

I attempted to use the VB Tables demo that is included with the powerpoint install, but it always seems to generate a corrupt powerpoint doc for me. Has anyone gotten this demo to work? I have attached the source input powerpoint doc I am using with the tables demo. Is there something obvious I am missing?

So I found something kinda interesting. I found if I comment out 2 of the AddRow calls, thus only leaving 1 AddRow call, it seems to work fine. But more than 1 AddRow call creates a corrupt powerpoint doc. Any ideas out there? Thanks.


I have the same problems. If I use the AddRow method, it will create a corrupt PowerPoint doc for PowerPoint 2003. However, I can open it with PowerPoint 2000. I am using version

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



No any ideas just now. We are working to fix it.

Please check 2.3.1 hot fix.