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Tables: ExecuteWithRegions

I have this code:

Dim msqlWerkdagen As String = “SELECT werkdag.*, periode.p_naam, AS p_id, Format([w_dag],‘dddd dd/mm/yyyy’) AS w_Dag1 FROM periode LEFT JOIN werkdag ON = werkdag.w_periodeID”
If ds.Tables.Contains(“werkdagDetail”) = True Then ds.Tables(“werkdagDetail”).Clear()
Dim da As New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter(msqlWerkdagen & " where =" & drv(“s_periode”).ToString & " order by w_dag", clsAlg.conn)
da.Fill(ds, “WerkdagDetail”)

And in my document i have







Why the table doesn’t change when i run the code?





Thank you for considering Aspose.

Please debug your code and check if DataTable that you pass to ExecuteWithRegions contain columns named “p_id” and “w_Dag1” and it is not empty.


Thx for your reponse. As you see in my sql command, the columns are in de dataTable. I check it again and for one example that not work, i have 16 rows. w_Dag1 and p_id are required fields so that cann’t be the problem.

Other mergefields that i fill with execute works file. So i think it’s something about the document. Any idea?



Please attach the document. This will allow us to provide an exact answer.

problem solved, there was something wrong with the sections