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Tabs are replaced with spaces when docx is saved to html with aspose java


HI I have seen many links in aspose form regarding this issue but there is not particular solution provided for that
Can you please guide me which htmlSave options should i use to prevent this

I have already tries with roundtrip information and still the same issue is there



Please ZIP and attach your input Word document here for testing. We will investigate the issue on our side and provide you more information.


Please see the zip file (27.9 KB)

I have used outputStream, SaveFormat.PDF ); method

I am using 19.5 version of aspose.word and 19.4 version of aspose.pdf



We have tested the scenario using the latest version of Aspose.Words for Java 19.5 with following code example and have not found the shared issue. Please check the attached output PDF. 19.5.pdf (28.1 KB)

Document doc = new Document(MyDir + "requested document.docx"); + "19.5.pdf");


issue is there when saved as html not pdf



We have converted the shared document to HTML and have not faced the shared issue. Please check the attached output document. (849 Bytes)