Tabs get messed up


First Look at my old thread:

We solved the problem by copying a document to a new document but it looks like that not all the things get copyed. My document has a default Tab size 1cm. But when the document is parsed, the Tab size is 1,27cm (some default value or smth.). If I remove the code that copy my doc to another doc, the Tabs stay unchanged.

I believe that you do not need a problematic document. You can easy reproduce the problem. Jst use the code from a previous thread.

I see, that the problem is fixed in Words 4.0.0 but the version it is still beta.


If the issue is fixed in the new version than you should go on and use it. Don't let the name beta deceive you. It is a normal workable version and the level of support is just the same as for any other version. It has some breaking changes and 'beta' in the name is a signal for those who want to upgrade that there can be some problems with the already existing application as some portions of the API have changed.

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