Tags not working properly for Slides in Java API

I'm attempting to add Tags to a Slide object to provide additional information for internal use by my program. The Tags class looks similar to a java hashtable - call put and provide it a key and a value, and I should be able to retrieve the value using the key. However, I am unable to get it to work correctly to retrieve the values back out of the object.

For example, I'm putting a value into the list, then immediately retrieving it:

slide.getTags().put("DOI", "2008-Mar-31");


This prints out "null" for any key I add and try to retrieve. If I iterate through the Tags and print them, all the values are null.

If I write the PPT file and look at it in a hex editor, I see both my keys and values - no way to know whether they are correctly placed in the file, but at least the data has been seen and saved.

If I then read the PPT file back into a Presentation and look at the Tags of the slide, they appear to just return the key name as the value. For example: slide.getTags().get("DOI") returns "DOI".

This appears to be two different bugs? I haven't seen anywhere in the forums that anyone else has reported this. Is this a known issue? Can it be resolved?


Dear maas,

Slide.getTags() are read-only, you cannot set them. As a workaround, you can use a textframe (textbox) with a single space and set its alternative text for keeping additional information.

I'm sorry, that doesn't make any sense...

Do you mean that the slide tags are supposed to be read-only or that this feature isn't working correctly right now and Aspose doesn't plan on fixing it?


1) Nothing in the API suggests these should be read-only.

2) Why would there be put() and set() methods in the Tag class if you aren't supposed to be able to change them?

3) I'm looking (in a hex editor) at the PPT file that was created after setting the tags, and I can see the tag key and value strings in the file - obviously the tags aren't read only - I was able to change them - they just aren't working correctly.

Using alternate text to accomplish what Tags are supposed to do is really kludgy - I'd really rather have a better solution. Any chance on getting this to work correctly in the near future - I can't be the only one that wants to do this.


Hello Maas,

Thank you for the information you provided.
We will investigate this problem and fix in case of bug.

Hi Alexey,

this is also a very important issue for us. Can you provide a timeframe when this bug will be fixed, so that we can decide to wait for a fix or to implement a workaround for our usecase.

Tom Seidel
Spirit Link GmbH

Hello Tom,

The bug was fixed yesterday. Now we are preparing new hot fix for release.
Most probably it will be available for download on weekends.