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Tags on presentation level


I can see the tags on slides and shapes, but I'm unable to locate tags on a presentation level itself.

I know the MS object model also provide tags at presentation level.

What am I doing wrong?


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What do you want to achieve by tags? Can you please clarify further?

We store additional information in the ppt tags at the presentation, slides and shapes level that our addons can read out and perform some tasks.

E.g. display this slide on Mondays only.

With the powerpoint sdk (addon) we can set and read that information. With Aspose.slides I want to do the same.


You can use any of these properties to write your additional information on Presentation Level

Presentation Properties

Author Author of a presentation. Read/write String.

Category Category property of a presentation. Read/write String.

Comments Comments of a presentation. Read/write String.

Company Company where presentation was created. Read/write String.

Keywords Keywords of a presentation. Read/write String.

LastAuthor Last author of a presentation. Read/write String.

Manager Manager of a presentation. Read/write String.

Subject Subject of a presentation. Read/write String.

Title Title of a presentation. Read/write String.

Dear Kurt,

For your benefit, we will also add a new property Presentation.Tags as soon as possible.

Any idea when? 1 week, 1 month, 1 year?

We need investigate how to implement it at first. The time will depend on complexity.
If tags on presentation level have format similar to slides and shapes then it can be implemented in a week or two.


Is this available now?

It should be available on weekend. I will post it here in the forum.

Hello Kurt,

We have added Presentation.Tags property.
Please check attached new Aspose.Slides version.

Thanks for the update.

I'm running version now but cannot find any tags object at presentation level.

Make sure you have correct version in your project.
Attached Aspose.Slides.dll has Presentation.Tags property.
I just have checked it again with Reflector and Tags property is here.

Look at this screenshot. I'm running version and searched for tags.

Only visible at slide and shape.


Hello Kurt,

The second line (from top) in object browser on you screenshot is Presentation.Tags property.

Yes you are right, but I was looking at the presentationex object that I'm using.

Is it possible to make it available there too? Or can I use the presentation object on a pptx file somehow?

Currently tags not supported for pptx format on any level.
SlideEx and ShapeEx also don’t have Tags property.