Take the value of "ClientSubmitTime" and paste it in "DeliveryTime" Automatically for many .msg

Good morning,

I have a serious date problem on sent mail:

During a transfer of emails on a mac from a local mail archive to an exchange box, using the drag and drop “method” I found the following bug: in the “Sent Mail” the emails are not sent on the actual date of sending, but to the date they were dragged, I am therefore aware of this archive of sent mail of about 6000 mails, all sent on the same day 9/9/2020, preventing me from being able to search by date when I need something (unfortunately I realized it later and not I have a backup of the mail items).

Then I added the Exchange box to outlook, in order to have the mails in MSG format, using your application that modifies the MSG metadata

I verified that I can actually arrange the elements “by hand”:

In practice it is sufficient to copy the DateTime of “ClientSubmitTime” and paste it in the DateTime of “DeliveryTime”

In the example I have attached to you, to correct the error, “DeliveryTime” becomes “4/1/2019 10:27:55 AM”

Example.zip (266.6 KB)

It would take me a long time to fix it manually, there is some
procedure / program that can do this automatically for about 6000 MSG elements? ie of each MSG take the value of “ClientSubmitTime” and paste it in “DeliveryTime”?

I thank you infinitely.


After observing the stated issue and image provided, I have added a ticket with ID EMAILNET-39926 as investigation to further investigate the issue on our end. We will share the feedback with you as soon as the issue will be addressed.


Can you please confirm that if it will be comfortable for you that we implement VS console project to solve your problem, is this enough to serve your requirements?


Yes, I confirm

Thank you in advance for what you will do, Very Thanks.


We will share updates with you as soon as possible.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as EMAILNET-39926) have been fixed in this update.