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Task property


I have purchased your licensed copy of dll but I am facing following issue.
I am using Task. And I want to set following property.
I am not able to set some following property of task.

1) ReadUnRead flag.
2) Priority
3) Reminder** (Important property)
4) Expiry date.

Following all :-

task.AutoForwarded task.BCC task.CC task.To
task.BillingInformation task.BodyFormat
task.DeferredDelivery task.DeleteAfterSubmit
task.DownloadPictures task.ExpiryTime task.FlagIcon
task.FlagRequest task.FlagStatus
task.HidePaperClip task.HTMLBody
task.Importance task.ReadReceiptRequested
task.ReceivedTime task.RecipientReassignmentProhibited
task.ReminderOverrideDefault task.ReminderPlaySound
task.ReminderSet task.ReminderSet

task.ReminderSoundFile task.ReminderTime
task.Role task.RTFBody
task.SchedulePlusPriority task.SenderEmailAddress

task.SenderEmailType task.SenderEntryID
task.SenderName task.Sensitivity
task.SentOn task.SentOnBehalfOfEmailAddress
task.SentOnBehalfOfEmailType task.SentOnBehalfOfEntryID
task.SentOnBehalfOfName task.StatusOnCompletionRecipients
task.StatusUpdateRecipients task.TeamTask
task.UnRead task.VotingOptions

Hi Maruti,

MapiTask is a relatively new feature and may not exhibit all the properties that you have mentioned above. I would request you to spare us a little time so that we could provide you a concise example on this. We’ll write back here soon with the example.

I am Maruti here.

When we are going to support all property in Task.

I am wating for you from last 7 months.

I am looking for positive response from you.


Hi Maruti,

We are sorry for the delayed response.

We are currently in process of implementing Sending Task Request and Assigning to other user with status updates request. In addition, I would like to share that currently MapiTask contains few of the properties as required by you. I have contacted the development team to enquire the plans to implement all these properties and will write back shortly after the feedback is received from the developers.

Your patience and undersanding is highly appreciated in this regard.
Hi Maruti,

I have discussed the provision of all Task properties with the developers and am glad to share that these properties will be provided in the near future. Some of the properties like Bcc, To, HtmlBody, RtfBody etc. can be obtained from the MapiMessage, from which MapiTask is converted, since these properties are common for all outlook items, and are not specific to MapiTask only.

Meanwhile as development team is working on it, we need little assistance regarding the usage scenarios as how would you like to use the MapiTask in your environment? It will help us to fulfill all your requirements and test the scenarios here before releasing these new features in our future product.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as NETWORKNET-34293) have been fixed in this update.

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Hi Maruti,

We have analyzed the requirement of “sending task request” but unfortunately additional investigation pointed that we can’t implement this feature similarly to sending meeting requests. Following is the detail of investigation:

  • When we send meeting requests using Aspose.Email we use ICalendar format to transmit meeting information. ICalendar is container as for meetings as well as for tasks. So request mechanism is similar in both cases as mentioned in [rfc-5546](http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5546) Outlook [does not fully support](http://www.outlookforums.com/threads/46225-how-can-i-send-a-task-request-vtodo-from-the-simple-mail-client) data and syncing specifications for calendaring and contacts, such as iCalendar. It does not support all core objects, such as VTODO or VJOURNAL. As result MS Outlook shows task requests as regular e-mails.
  • When we send task requests using Outlook it uses internal protocol.

I would also like to share that new version Aspose.Email for .NET 4.1.0 is released and you may use it as many improvements and changes are done in this new version.

Please feel free to write us back if you have any other query related to Aspose.Email.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as NETWORKNET-34271) have been fixed in this update.

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