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Task.Start and Task.Finish Time Information


First of all, nice product-- you’ve obviously done alot of excellent work.

The question: If I use MSProject Automation and examine MSProject.Task.Start and MSProject.Task.Finish fields, time information is included (ie. 10/1/2004 8:53:37 ). However, when I inspect Aspose.Task.Start and Aspose.Task.Finish, I only get the date. Time is always set to midnight. Is this a limitation of the evaluation or not? Time down to the second will be critical for us.


Dear Dude,

Unfortunately it’s a limitation of whole component.
But we can fix it in short time.

Dear Dude,

I’m sorry. Yes, it’s a limitation of evaluation version.

TimeUnit.Percent was implemented. Please check new 1.1.8 hot fix.

Thank you. Great response time!