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Technical queries on Aspose.words and Aspose.cells related to Azure

  1. Can we use Aspose.words and Aspose.Cells with Azure PaaS App service as a reference dll?
  2. What .Net versions does it support?
  3. Is the pricing for Developer Small Business and Developer OEM per year or it is one time price?
  4. Can we also handle dynamic tables creation in the word document?
  5. Aspose.Cells can be used to edit the excel based template with placeholders?


  1. Yes, Aspose.Words ca be used in Azure services. For example, follow the link to learn how to use Aspose.Words in Azure
  2. Aspse.Words for .NET provides dlls for .NET Framework 2.0, 3.5 Client, 4.0, 4.0 Client, 4.6.1 and .NET Standard 2.0. .NET Standard version can be used in .NET Core 2.0 and newer and in Xamarin. Aspose.Cells supports almost the same set.
  3. Please follow the link to learn more about licensing. The license gives you one-year update subscription. If you do not update, then you can use the product with the license unlimited period of time.
  4. Sure, you can dynamically create tables using Aspose.Words. Also, Aspose.Words provides powerful reporting features like Mail Merge and LINQ Reporting Engine. So you can easily fill your templates with data.
  5. Yes, you can edit, manipulate and convert excel files using Aspose.Cells

Thank you for the reply. Really appreciate your help. Just a concern about .Net Framework. Below link shows that it supports all .Net frameworks above 4.6 also

@nudasi Yes, you can use Aspose.Words and Aspose.Cells with .NET Frameworks above 4.6. I am afraid I was a little inexact in my answer. I listed dlls we provide, but you can use dlls built for older framework in newer one. For example, dll for .NET Standard 2.0 can be used in .NET Core 2.0, .NET Core 2.1, .NET Core 3.0, .NET 5.0 and in Xamarin because all they implement .NET Standard 2.0. The same applies to .NET Framework versions. When you install library from Nuget, it selects the most sufficient version for your project