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Template Document Generation

Does the Aspose.Word create a Document from a Ms Word document (as a Template) + Dynamical Data.

The question is if there is the possibility to create a Document (in MS Word - WYSIWYG), to define in it TAGS in some way and to substitute the Tags programmatically to generate the final Doc.

Does ASPOSE support this ?


Hi Marcello,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

You are probably talking about mail merge functionality. This is a process when one inserts into a document template special MS Word fields called merge fields and then run code to populate them from a data source. This functionality is surely supported by Aspose.Word. You can find more detailed information on it in the Aspose.Word Programmers Guide, see the Performing Mail Merge section:

Perfect, Thank You !

I even found the answere to my next question: Image insertion in a Word Document.

It seems very Powerful, althought i have still to find the best way to implement my Pipeline (XML Input Data -> Data Transformation and Integration -> XXX (DataSet ??) -> MailMerge)