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Dear customers, This thread is just a collection of testimonials regarding Aspose.Tasks. If you’re happy with Aspose.Tasks please follow this thread to post to encourage us to do it better. To make it easier to follow, we will contiune to update this post to collect testimonials posted in other threads. Check below please, one paragraph from one real customer.

We've been evaluating Aspose.Tasks for several days now, and I've both positive and negative things to say about it.

1) All the folks at Aspose have been professional and responsive every time I've communicated with them. Special thanks go to Alexey Zhilin of the Aspose Tyumen Team for putting in extra effort to answer our may questions.
2) Evaluating Aspose.Tasks exposed us to some of the other Aspose products, and, unless we discover a deal-breaking defect, we'll most likely be purchasing some of those other products in the very near future.
3) The quality of the Aspose.Tasks DLL itself is no longer in question. The developers at Aspose have provided a very rich set of properties and methods for managing almost all aspects of a Microsoft Project plan.
4) The online Aspose.Tasks documentation is about as good as I've ever seen. While it's obvious that the documenation needs to catch up to the product, it's very nice to have all the properties and methods listed so intelligently, and formatted in such a user-friiendly way.

1) After mucking around for a few days, we discovered that Aspose.Tasks does not at the present time provide any recalculation of time and date task data. SadHonestly, if this had been made clear at the outset, we would probably not have even bothered looking at the product in the first place, as time shifting is the sole reason we have for using MS Project. But the documentation lists Aspose.Tasks as being robust enough that we could do away entirely with MS Project automation calls. However, without the *VERY* necessary CalculateProject and CalculateAll methods exposed via MS Project automation, we have no choice for the time being but to discontinue our evaluation of Aspose.Tasks and revert to using MSP automation, or some other as-of-yet-unknown alternative.

We'll be watching the Aspose.Tasks support boards closely, and will resume our testing when/if time/date recalcuations are made a part of the DLL.

Aspose.Tasks component can give me a hand to solve my coding problems.
Our division request me to provide project trunkey with HR system.
I’ll using Aspose.Tasks component to develop it!


You are the BEST! Thank you!

This component has been a life-saver for my company.

Now, if you could someday actually output a binary MPP file (which is difficult I know) that would be the most incredible thing. It would be nice to open a blank MPP file, manipulate everything with the component as usual, push the data into the MPP file and save it.

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Aspose has proved itself to be one of the top innovators in .NET components. They regularly create components that are too complex for any other component vendor to produce, and their developers listen to and work one-on-one with their customers.

You can’t get any better than that.